Books by Geof Cox

Getting Results Without Authority - The new rules of organisational influence
Geof Cox, BookShaker,, ISBN 978-1781330869

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This is the latest book written by Geof Cox about working in modern organisation structures where you don't have the authority or power to tell people what to do - or if you do have it, they don't respond positively.

"A hands-on guide that will help you become a more effective leader and manager." John Baldoni, author of 'Lead Your Boss: the subtle art of managing up'.

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Ready-Aim-Fire Problem Solving - A Strategic Approach for Innovative Decision Making,
Geof Cox, Oak Tree Press, Dublin, 2000. ISBN 1-86076-172-0
Problem solving and decision making are essential tools for everyone in a management position, and with the increasing use of team working it is now becoming a skill that all employees need to develop. This book will help you become much better at analysing problems of all kinds and determining the best course of action to take.

Using models that are well researched and empirically sound, the book gives the reader an insight into their own personal and preferred style in approaching and solving problems, and provides helpful advice on how to work with people whose preferred styles and approaches are quite different.

Packed with exercises, case studies, checklists and examples drawn from real work situations - including customer service, quality improvement, innovation and change management — Ready-Aim-Fire Problem Solving offers a highly practical and entertaining approach to a fundamental skill in today's workplace.

"Ready-Aim-Fire in action means using a template as a guide to problem solving, not following cast-iron rules that may not be appropriate for the situation" John Mulqueen, Irish Times

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25 Role Plays for Interview Training
Geof Cox and Chuck Dufault, Gower, Aldershot, 1997, ISBN 0-566-07903-8
This is a series of roleplay exercises to facilitate training to acquire or refine skills in interviewing others for results. There are five sections, each consisting of five role plays and a detailed introduction into the purpose and desired outcomes for each interview type: Selection, Appraisal, Counselling, Discipline and Separation.

The role plays themselves have trainer guidance information, briefs for the interviewer and interviewee, application and assessment forms, personnel records and other relevant paperwork to enable you to run a training session in interviewing skills.

50 Activities on Creativity and Problem Solving
Geof Cox, Chuck Dufault and Walt Hopkins, Gower, Aldershot, 1991, ISBN 0-566-029804
The 50 activities in this collection will help develop creative thinking and channel it for business problem solving. The materials are grouped into six categories: icebreakers, creativity, problem analysis, solution finding, implementation and the thinking process. Designed for easy use by trainers and managers alike, this loose leaf collection contains full instructions and guidance on facilitating the activities.