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Now in its 25th year of unbroken publication. Cuttings is a regular (bi-monthly) newsletter that is a collection of ideas and writings on individual, management and organisation development that have interested me in the last few weeks. I share them with you to further promote discussion. Published electronically, a pdf copy can be downloaded here to help you distribute copies or just if you prefer the printed format.

Current issue: Cuttings 132
  • Seven Leadership Traits Not Normally Mentioned Some important but different ideas for leaders and managers to focus on.
  • First Impressions Are Often Wrong First impressions are irresistable but a new book identifies why they are nearly always flawed
    • Are You a Strong- or Weak-Link System
    Teams and organisations will benefit by knowing whether it is better to improve their strong link or their weaker link
  • Plus details of Public Courses for 2018 and Book Sales, and Snippets to further provoke your thinking and reflection.

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