New Directions has extensive experience of working with organisations who need to develop and implement strategies to cope with the changing demands of their environment. We help you to define a vision and direction for the organisation, and to define and deliver the organisation culture to achieve that vision. We do not work as experts to tell you what to do, but facilitate processes that help you to determine your own future.

We have experience of working in local and multi-national businesses in most sectors, the public sector and not-for-profit organisations, and have all been line managers as well as consultants, so we come with a practical understanding of your working environment.

We often use innovative, large group participation processes to ensure rapid and dynamic development and implementation that overcomes much of the resistance experienced with traditional methodologies. Strength based approaches such as Appreciative Inquiry are central to our work. Follow the links to the next pages which explain these tools and processes to help you understand how they work and if they would suit your situation. Then call us for a no-obligation consultation.

An ongoing theme for organisation change programmes is Employee Engagement. Read an article from Cuttings on the subject and read a case study of our work at Dundee City Council

Organisation Development case studies
• Albyn Housing Association (UK)
- Design and co-facilitate a strategic Appreciative Inquiry summit meeting involving consultation with the whole company

Barix (Switzerland)
- Facilitate a total company strategy meeting

Continental Tyre Group (UK)
- Develop and introduce a corporate competence framework and carry out a comprehensive strategic training needs analysis

• Centrica (UK)
- Develop a capability framework for offshoring and partnership working

• Devon NHS CAMHS Team (UK)
- Facilitate strategic planning and team development of the CAMHS Senior Leadership Team using Appreciative Inquiry

• NHS Change Management Team (UK)
- Facilitate strategic planning and team merger of the CSIP Network Team

• Charter Community Housing (UK)
- Assist the executive team in the strategic direction of a newly formed RSL, including facilitating vision, values and strategy development.

• Dundee City Council (UK)
- Investigate and advise on the recruitment and retention of qualified social workers. Facilitate a number of pilot projects in flexible working and targeted recruitment arising from the research. Lead the implementation of a major organisation culture change programme.

• Mail Boxes Etc (UK) Ltd (UK)
- Review and advise on a training and development strategy.

• The Scottish Executive (UK)
- Research to assess the training needed to support a new housing / social services policy in Scotland, and development plans to implement some of the outcomes.

• Cegelec Contracting & Services (UK/France)
- Conducting a Business Process Re-engineering project to improve business focus and profitability in the UK. Consulting on the introduction of a project based organisation.

Organisation Development testimonials:

"Our excellent major inspection by the Social Work Inspection Agency was directly linked to your work, and we have been short-listed for a national award on the Recruitment and Retention of staff for organisations with over 100 staff." Director of Social Work, Dundee City Council

"We were impressed with how you managed the day." Planning Officer Criminal Justice. Angus Council

" …there was evident enthusiasm and commitment engendered in all those taking part in the Strategic Planning Workshop." Director of Research, Forestry Commission