New Directions has experience of designing and running in-company webinars that utilise the core messages of our residential workshops, compressed into web-based modules for ease of delivery to a dispersed workforce.

As well as the titles listed below, we can convert most of our expertise into a webinar format, either as stand alone subjects or as part of a more integrated development programme. The currently available webinars are usually designed around 2 or 3 sessions of about 45 minutes each, run close to each other which allows for some of the tools and concepts to be tested in the workplace. Each webinar is tailored to meet the specific organisation needs and reflect the organisation policies and ways of working. Numbers of participants are also limited so that the sessions can be interactive and allow for discussion of participants' own case studies and issues.

We can also organise and facilitate remote Action Learning Sets, and conduct Coaching and Mentoring over telephone or web-conferencing technology.

For more information and discuss your needs please contact me direct.

Working in Remote Teams
Designed for anyone having to work from home for the first time. Webinar focus: Some difficulties and opportunities for working from home; How to overcome some of the difficulties of working from home; How to stay connected and productive; Top tips for adapting to this unfamiliar environment. Outcomes: Plan your own remote working environment to maintain productivity; A toolbox to maximise performance and results; Best practice for organising work and connecting with colleagues; Application to your own situation

Managing Remote Teams
Designed for new or experienced managers who are managing their team in a remote environment. Webinar focus: Key factors to be considered when managing a remote team; How to build and develop effective teams spread out geographically; Techniques to improve communication and performance management in remote teams. Outcomes: Insight into your own remote team working environment; A toolbox to maximise performance and results from remote workers; Best practice for building and maintaining trust and connectivity; Application to your own situation

Managing Change
Designed for new or experienced managers who would like to gain insights and learn some tools and techniques to enable more effective change management. Webinar focus: Understanding the impact of organisational change on people; How to introduce change and ensure it is successful; Tools and techniques to use in planning and implementing change. Outcomes: Identified ways to positively lead and motivate people through organisational change; A toolbox to ensure successful change; Application to your own situation

Matrix and Project Management
Designed for anyone working in cross-functional groups and project teams or in matrix style project structures who wish to investigate the issues that cause difficulty in working in these structures. Webinar focus: Understand the difficulties and opportunities that are linked to these organisation structures where roles and relationships are blurred and may even overlap, thus causing confusion and ineffective working; Identify steps that managers and individuals can take to survive - and thrive - in these environments; Learn some behaviours and approaches that are effective in building and maintaining relationships in these structures. Outcomes: Understand the difficulties and opportunities of your personal situation; Identified ways to clarify your roles and relationships with others; Learned approaches and behaviours that are effective; Feedback and application to your own situation

NB This webinar can also be linked with the Getting Results Without Authority and the Conflict and Negotiation webinars to produce a comprehensive learning programme. **

Getting Results Without Authority
Designed for anyone working in situations where they need people have to get things done through others who work in different departments or organisations; who do not work directly for them; and who are, in many cases, in a more senior position. Webinar focus: Learn how to build ‘win-win’, harmonious relationships with colleagues, suppliers and customers; Achieve results through others without any direct authority; Work more effectively in cross-functional or matrix teams; Understand different preferences and different 'languages' that people use; Increase personal influence by building flexibility of influencing style. Outcomes: Understand how to be influential in different situations; Be able to adapt and apply a flexible approach to get things done and maintain positive working relationships; Learned approaches and behaviours that are effective in different cultures

Conflict and Negotiation
This webinar is designed for people working in situations where there is likely to be differences and conflicts of targets, objectives and opinions - such as project and matrix-based organisation structures. Webinar focus: Analyse typical conflict situations and causes; Understand our personal preferred response to conflict and its implications; Understand and apply the principles of win:win negotiation to deliver positive outcomes. Outcomes: Identify causes of conflict; Understand personal approach to conflict and its implications; Learn the tools and principles of effective negotiation; Be able to conduct win:win negotiations

Personal Leadership
Designed for new or experienced managers who would like to examine their own perceptions and practice of their leadership style and its impact and effectiveness. Webinar focus: Understand different leadership styles and their impact; Identify personal preferences and leadership style and examine its implications; Learn how to appreciate other preferences and adapt to others. Outcomes: Personal understanding of personal preferred leadership style and its impact on others in the workplace; Identified ways to enhance and develop your own leadership effectiveness; Feedback and application to your own situation

Action Learning Sets
Small groups (5-6 people) from similar or different jobs in the organisation meet regularly through a web-conference platform to discuss real work issues they face, and share perceptions, perspectives, solutions and experiences in order to learn from each other using the current work environment as the spur. The group is facilitated centrally to ensure that each participant gains a positive outcome for their own case and learning. Participants volunteer ‘cases’ for discussion and with each ‘case’ typically involving about 30minutes discussion, a full group session runs for about of 2-3 hours (not every participant will bring a case to each session).

Coaching and Mentoring
Individual coaching or mentoring conversations can be conducted over telephone or video link with a professional executive coach, usually in a series of four to six sessions of about 45 minutes each, addressing the skills and development needs of individuals. The specific objectives for each individual are discussed and agreed at the outset, and the outcomes evaluated at the end of the programme.