Management & Supervisory Skills

We develop management and leadership skills workshops either as integrated management development programmes or for specific needs such as Project Management, management skills for technical staff, first line managers, internal consulting skills and coaching for managers.

We also offer a bespoke design service for programmes and workshops to address specific needs of organisations, often at a price which matches a more 'standard' programme.

Even our 'off-the-shelf' programmes are always individually adapted for the organisation, and can be run globally for managers from small, large and public sector organisations.

***SOME TITLES AVAILABLE AS A WEBINAR SERIES. For more information click here or contact me direct.

Some examples:

Engineer as a Manager/Managing Technical Professionals has been used by technology organisations such as Texas Instruments, Liberty Global, BT and BBC Technology to develop their junior and middle management. Download the Engineer as a Manager/Managing Technical Professionals course brochure here.

Internal Consulting Skills - a workshop designed to leverage technical ability inside an organisation, whether it is IT, HR, Learning & Development or another specialist or service department, used by Borealis, BT, O2, South West Universities Consortium, and Transport for London. Download the Internal Consulting Skills course brochure here

Project Management - Winning Projects! is a unique project management programme focussed on real projects and teams, using a blended training approach of e-learning, one-to-one telephone coaching, in-depth project reviews and intensive face to face workshops covering both the technical planning skills and the interpersonal implementation skills necessary for effective project leadership. Developed from a suite of modules, a programme is put together to meet your specific needs, whether it is a comprehensive programme of development or a single skills workshop. This approach has been used by NXP Semiconductors, Ministry of Defence Police and The Briars Group. Download a Winning Projects! brochure here

Rapid and Inclusive Strategy Development - A 3 day workshop looking at strategic development from an alternative viewpoint, exploring strategies that yield success and motivate and stimulate employees and customers - and in a radically shortened timeframe which reflects the needs of the current business environment for fast responses to organisation challenges. These are the issues and questions facing directors, senior and middle managers, and executives who have an interest in, and an input to, the strategic direction of their organisation, whether that organisation is private or public sector, multi-national or SME, a whole business or a single team. Download an article on Rapid and Inclusive Strategy Development here

Getting Results Through Teamwork - You usually join a team because of your function and your technical expertise. In your functional role you contribute to WHAT the team does. But you also contribute to HOW the team works. We work with you, and your team, to help identify your preferred way of working and to form effective teams that are unified, productive, efficient, and fun. We focus on the current issues facing your team, linking real business goals to behaviour. Download an article on Team Problem Solving and Decision Making here. Go to the Online Store to order a copy of the book Ready-Aim-Fire Problem Solving on which these workshops is based.


New Directions designs and delivers bespoke management training courses and workshops based on our own and others researched and practical models.

We work with you to identify needs and approaches that work, using media that are appropriate. We have experience in Distance Learning, Video Production, Case Study, Psychometric Models, Interactive Exercises, Experiential Learning, Coaching, Learning Strategy, Systems Thinking, Organisation Development, Appreciative Inquiry, Large Group Processes, Webinars… all of which can be used and combined in a blended learning approach to meet your precise needs and timeframes. We use a modular approach which means that the design costs are minimal - often meaning that the total cost of a bespoke design is competitive with an 'off-the-shelf' solution.

We also use a number of inspirational outdoor environments (such as “Fingal of Caledonia” a 12 berth barge on the Caledonian Canal in the Highlands of Scotland) using the outdoor as a problem solving medium.

Management skills case studies:
Borealis (Europe/UAE)
- Coaching skills for senior managers to assist with an organisation change process
- Sales negotiation skills for global sales and procurement teams

Highland Distillers (UK)
- Developing strategic management and business planning skills for the senior operations management team.

Ghana Forestry Department
- Designing and facilitating an executive development programme.

Customer Service Direct (UK)
- Design and facilitate a strategic leadership development programme for the top managers in this local government/BT joint venture

* Philips (Global)
- Deliver an interpersonal skills development programme as part of a global core skills individual development activity

Northumbria University (UK)
- Facilitate a series of management development workshops for senior management

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (UK)
- Managing the commissioning and delivery of training modules, workshops, trainer guides and self-managed workbooks to form the Supporting People National Training Framework