New Directions designs and delivers skills development programmes for all sizes of organisations, from core communication skills in multi-national companies to management development for complete management teams in SMEs and not-for-profit organisations.

How we work:
We always start where you are by researching your needs and the needs of the target group. Then we design workshops and events that utilise well researched and practical models, exercises and case studies; developing new exercises and activities to simulate the real working environment where necessary. We follow a learner centred and practical approach in all of our designs to ensure the best transfer of learning into the workplace.

Key Benefits
• Tailored programmes designed to meet your needs
• Well researched and practical models, exercises and designs
• Learner centred approach

Getting Results Without Authority™ - our flagship programme which helps individuals and organisations to survive - and thrive - in matrix and project based organisation structures where authority does not work. Clients include: Airborne Oil & Gas, Borealis, Qualcomm, NXP Semiconductors, Novaled, Cisco, Gulf Oil, LHS, BT, Tyco, Continental Tyres, Amadeus, ISP, Eurocontrol, Northumbria University and Becton Dickinson.

Focus on Influence - We also offer an intensive 3.5 day residential interpersonal skills and personal development programme Focus on Influence with our partners - this is a core communications programme for Philips and for NXP Semiconductors, worldwide.

Win:Win Negotiation - building on and developing the skills of Getting Results Without Authority™ with the work of Chris Argyris and Fisher & Ury, we help individuals analyse the causes of disagreements and work towards a mutually acceptable solution through the use principled negotiation practices that create win:win outcomes that build relationship as well as resolving the issue at hand.

Talent Management - bringing together experience and expertise in a number of leadership and management skills, we design and lead integrated talent management programmes using workshops, assessment and development centres, action learning and coaching.

Performance Management - with experience in implementing performance management processes in a number of multinationals, we offer tailored courses in Communications Skills, Coaching and Feedback, Assessing and Evaluating Performance, often using professional actors to enhance the learning process.

Management Skills - As well as the skills programmes such as influencing and negotiation New Directions offers team leadership, performance management, strategic management and integrated management development programmes. Two examples of our courses: Engineer as a Manager/Managing Technical Professionals has been used by technology organisations such as Texas Instruments, Liberty Global, BT and BBC Technology to develop their junior and middle management; Internal Consulting Skills - a workshop designed to leverage technical ability inside an organisation, whether it is IT, HR, Learning & Development or another specialist or service department, used by Borealis, BT, O2 and Transport for London.

Project Management - with our partners we offer Winning Projects! a unique project management programme focussed on real projects and teams, using a blended training approach of e-learning, one-to-one telephone coaching, in-depth project reviews and intensive face to face workshops covering both the technical planning skills and the interpersonal implementation skills necessary for effective project leadership.

Bespoke Designs - we also use our expertise to design programmes and workshops to address specific needs of organisations, often at a price which matches a more 'standard' programme.

Public Courses - with our partners petroEDGE in South East Asia, we offer a small number of public courses each year.

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